About Affordable USA Movers

If you have an upcoming move, you are busy enough with work arrangements, packing, and child care. The process of finding a new home has been stressful enough. In today’s economy, it is important to be budget conscious while preparing for your move. You have so many other financial obligations before and after your move. Affordable USA Movers is here to help make it a smooth transition for you.

What Affordable USA Movers Can Do For You

Affordable USA Movers is here to be your advocate during this moving process. Our professional moving consultants know your time is valuable, so we do the majority of the work for you. We will find you a quality mover at an affordable price from a network of hundreds of Federally authorized, licensed, bonded and insured name brand and other quality Nationwide Moving Carriers. Not having to contact movers individually, checking their reviews, and trying to compare apples to apples will save you precious time. You will receive your quote the same day to make finding your perfect moving fast.

Reliable Quotes

Affordable USA Movers will work to get you high quality movers at the most affordable price from a network of hundreds of nationwide moving carriers. Affordable USA Movers does not endorse any particular moving company. We understand your needs vary, so we’ve partnered up with only the most professional and reliable movers around. Providing you with high quality nationwide moving companies ensures you get the best service at an affordable price on the date you need to move. This is a hassle free process for you, as the legwork is all done.

And don’t worry about the additional expense of an Affordable USA Movers consultant finding you your moving company. Each of these moving companies are contracted and bid for your business. They cover the expense while we handle the work. This is a win-win situation for you. You never eat any of the costs – guaranteed.

One Professional Moving Consultant to Work With

Affordable USA Movers assigns you your own personal, professional moving consultant. Our moving consultants have over 20 years’ experience in the relocation industry. You can expect quality care, respect, and a detailed oriented individual assisting you with your move. Your personal Certified Moving Consultant will work to find you a quality and affordable nationwide moving company that will fit your specific needs and budget. And most importantly, you will have some of the lowest pricing bids for your upcoming move.

You will work one-on-one with your professional moving consultant for the duration of your move process. There are no hassles or lost notations. Your representative will know your budget concerns, moving dates, and special circumstances that should be factored in. You never have to worry about explaining your needs twice using Affordable USA Movers. So sign up today with Affordable USA Movers and we will start to work to get you a quality mover at affordable price from a network of hundreds of federally authorized brand-name and other quality nationwide moving companies. Again, you will be assigned a professional moving consultant. Our one stop shop website ensures you can input your needs and get the best pricing available on the market.

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Disclaimer: Moving & Relocation Services, Inc (DBA Affordable USA Movers) is a federally authorized Household Goods Moving Broker and lead generation company that does not transport household goods but arranges for such transportation by an authorized Household Goods Motor Carrier. Moving & Relocation Services, Inc (DBA Affordable USA Movers) is not a motor carrier, does not own moving trucks and will not act as a carrier in any way during your move. Moving & Relocation Services, Inc. (DBA Affordable USA Movers) estimates are based either on its own tariff rates or on the tariff rates of contracted household goods motor carriers included in its network. All tariff rates are available for public inspection upon request.